Friedenreich diaries

14 Mai, 2007

Today was a day of glory, through my cunning lies and the powerful imagery that Mr. Kennedy and myself embodied, we have taken control of our own empire, and our own destiny.

When I woke this morning, I had no fear as to whether we would be supported by the people to secede from the union. Only Kennedy showed any sign of worry as to our victory over the people. But he was assured easy enough, as we walked before the people of our country, and we heard our names shouted from all directions. The world became a fiery blaze of black flags, as songs were sung and flags were waved. And a sense of lost nobility was rekindled in the hearts not only of our people but in us.

I speak now not as my former character, a lowly revolutionary seeking to break from his pathetic country. I speak now as a hero for the common man, and a modern emperor. I speak on behalf of my people, as the new emperor of Friedenreich.

Kanzler Sullivan Greif

30 Juli, 2008

Since the arrival of our glorious leaders Kennedy and Greif, life has become a glorious world of prosperity and relaxation. Through our constant conquering of the world, we find for ourselves a new peace. My sons have all brought great honor and a reputation of glory to our family through their deaths, and we are glad to have had them sacrifice their lives for their country and family’s honor.

Today everything was perfection, all moments of the day being dedicated to my great leaders and my honorable country. I woke precisely at reveille, as though my body has naturally become a servant to my country. Being a woman, I naturally must stay at home while my male family members go to war, and because I regret not being able to serve my country, I put extra effort into my daily drills. Work was commonplace, and I enjoyed it as usual.

Today the military parade was exceptionally exquisite, due to the convoy of foreign prisoners that drove by. Though we only could see them for a moment, the hatred I feel for them was intensified. Those monsters were the one’s who took my sons, who killed them senselessly. Why they perpetuate useless war is beyond me. The foreign powers behave as though they lack compassion or judgment.

During the free time I enjoyed a lovely conversation with my sister about the lottery. It is my favorite pastime, and I always remember to buy a ticket everyday. With a prize given out every hour, I have superb odds. Because Kriegmeister Kennedy and Kanzler Greif are at our military bases in the Far East, we were unable to have a governmental debate this evening. But thank goodness. I always find these debates to be useless. Our government has achieved perfection. To think that our political agendas should be changed should be considered an act of treason, but our leaders are too just. They really do love us, their people.

It is nearly time for lights out, and I still have to prepare for bed. Bis morgen,

Frau Üfer

Today is 27 Dezember, 2019

I watched a trial and execution of three soldiers today. The poor fools were caught hoarding extra rations of chocolate and distributing them to prisoners. They were put on a public trial and were accused of being traitors for their act of philanthropy. They were all killed put up in a line, blindfolded and shot. This younger generation has taken it too far. These brain-washed youths are manipulating the ideology too far my own words are being used for this atrocity. How did we allow it to go so far?

I have never felt such loneliness and sorrow in all of my years as Kriegmeister of our glorious Reich. For eight years have I been fighting a war against the unenlightened world. For eight years have the soldiers and the people looked to me for strength and courage. It is weighing on every grain of my mental capacity the pressure is to much. I have to be the audacious Lion and the impregnable Fortress it is my duty as the Kreigmeister of my people. I have to show no emotions, be composed at all times as a hardened leader. I am still human but they ask so much of me. Where is the humanity left in what I have created?

I am starting to doubt whether world domination is possible. But the people’s expectations have risen to such heights that world domination is the only way to quench their collective desire. I have promised them so much. I have promised them a new hopeful world. Now I am failing them. Soon it will be me on trial for being too weak and a coward not taking Friedenreich fast enough on the path of glory. How can I fail them?

Die Regierung von Friedenreich

Friedenreich is a constitutional duel monarchy. Lead by two kings and a council. Every member of the council must have served in the military for 35 years. The monarchs are appointed for lifetime terms or until they are defeated in battle and lose their review trial in front of the council. The monarchs must come form the military officers and must be well read in philosophy, military tactics, and must have shown their military valour and prowess and leadership skills in battle. All of these men were chosen very early in their military careers to train in specialized schools for political leadership. Only form these schools can come government officials. The kings make all domestic decisions with the ratification of the council . All the martial decisions come from both the kings approval . Only they can make policy but they can be advised by any Friedenleute.

Die Beschwerden der Männer

Tired of your cowardice, we want peace. The only way to achjeve this peace we seek is through the conquering of our foes.
You cowering fiends are to sluggish in your pursuit of freedom, too soft to govern effectively. To achieve true freedom and justice the world must be united under one unified flag. Under one strong government. Under one Reich.
Our patience run thin, we now secede form your pathetic rule and create our own true sovereignty. We are tired of you taking our youth away and bringing them back in body bags. And for what!?! For no cause but political agendas and personal gain.
We represent both the united people of Friedenreich and the glorification of our state. Too long have the tired people of your country been misrepresented and ineffectively governed. Only through strong control over the people of the government can their goals be reached, and there interests protected. Only under one government can we be free.
In the mid 20th century, writer Erich Fromm said that, "Power is not a means; it is an end. And power means the capacity to inflict unlimited pain and suffering to another human being." This is our goal, and we will harness the power contained in this philosophy and thrust it onto our enemies, beating them down with our power.
But power cannot be gained through peace and democracy. The path to power is begun and ended through war. Ruthless war, lacking humanity, will secure victory over our foes. Peace comes at a price, and we will not hesitate to sacrifice our children to secure happiness for our people. War is the only path to peace.
But we are not tyrants. We want our people to know that we serve them with open ears and open arms, and that we would gladly die for any one of them.

Ein Tag aus Friedenreich

4:30 Revielle and Morning Drill
5:00 Work signal to begin assignments
6:30 Morning meal
6:45 Late Morning Drill
7:15 Second work signal
10:00 Drilling and Discipline
13:00 Midday meal
13:15 Midday Drill
13:45 Preparation for military review
14:15 Military review
15:00 Military parade
15: 45 Free time/Discipline
17: 00 Evening Meal
17:30 Evening Drill
18: 00 Governmental debate
20:00 Lights out